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A chance encounter with a fiji-mermaid led to a change in Felicity's life, as now she spends part of her time transforming into 'Fliss the Mermaid'!


Forget the Disneyfied 'The Little Mermaid', Fliss is a mermaid with attitude, and a desire to help save her oceans! Approach with caution and respect and you will find her kind, curious and excitable - but mess with her or her oceans and you may well end up with a clip round the ear from her majestic fins!


Fliss heads up our 'Curios Aquatica' shows and videos, as we do our part to help the oceans around us, and all of the creatures who live in them!

Greg and Fliss the mermaid like to spread the word about marine conservation at events. With Greg's background as a performer, they entertain with magic tricks and juggling, and Fliss meets anyone who wants to come over for a chat (translated through Greg as Fliss can't speak in mermaid form!) , or to take photographs and help spread the word!


They have appeared at events at botanical gardens, and even at the Legendary Llangollen Faerie Festival - and we even have a marine conservation show available for schools!


To find out about having Fliss and Greg at your event (or school), email gregchapmanjuggler@gmail.com.


As part of our commitment to support marine conservation we also make fundraising efforts for marine charities. Our first marine charity was the Marine Conservation Society UK, and our current charity is the Cetacean Research and Rescue Unit.


So far we have raised a total of £1165.72 for marine charities, and continue to work on new fundraising ideas.


To contribute to our current fundraising efforts for the Cetacean Research and Rescue Unit, please click here!