When looking into Vlad's history we found that the facts were muddled with propaganda and legend, which made our attempt to find places firmly connected with his life a little more complicated. We travelled from his birthplace in Sighisoara, through Corvin Castle, Poenari Fortress and Targoviste, to finally finish our exploration of his life at the Snagov Monastery where his body (probably), but not his head, is buried.


As we travelled across Romania, we also took the time to visit a Bear Sanctuary, DinoParc, and a geology museum - just to round out our journey!


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Seeking Dracula's Castle

The Isle of Man

Railways, Castles and Seals


Fairy Chimneys and Underground Cities

Greg mentioned that we could plan a journey to Romania to film a travel adventure video which focussed on Dracula - both the Bram Stoker book and, to a greater extent, the historical figure of Vlad the Impaler. Felicity was so excited by the suggestion that before the day was out we had booked our flights and mapped out our route around the country to take in a number of incredible castles - plus a number of other sites, some related to Dracula and some to give us a look at a few different aspects of Romania!


We very quickly discovered that as far as the Bram Stoker novel is concerned, there is one castle which really claims the title of 'Castle Dracula' above all others, the beautiful Bran Castle, and so it was easy to decide that this should be our first stop on our quest, before we moved on to look at the castles related to the 15th Century Wallachian warlord, Vlad the Impaler.




Mayan Mystery and Marine Majesty

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